Flexible operation with two independent accesses. Delivered fully assembled. Optimum comfort.

Two-way full-height turnstiles with two entries for controlling pedestrian access. 

Up to 20 passages per minute

Specifications:  Technical details
Structure:  Galvanised sheet steel, RAL 9010 polyester paint.


Ø 40mm galvanised steel arms on bearings on their lower section.
Casing:  Detachable front allowing for the installation of access control readers, intercom...
Roof: Aluminium rain gutters.
Paint:  Structure in galvanised steel with RAL 9010 paint. Rotor in steel with RAL 9010 paint. Casing in galvanised steel with RAL 9010 paint. Roof in laminated aluminium with RAL 9010 paint.
Drive system:  Controls integrated into the upper casing. Manual drive device, two-way locking through the use of electromagnetic ratchets. Single-phase 230V-50Hz power supply. Logic control through a programmable 24V PLC. Two-way unlocking signal: dry contact (no power). In the event of a power failure, the rotor will move freely in both directions of travel. On request: two-way locking or one-way locking with free passage in the other direction (to be specified in the order).
Details:  Efficient, single-person access control, no monitoring personnel required. 2 accesses with 15-20 passages per minute, depending on access controls. Robust construction resistant to bad weather thanks to its galvanised steel structure. Simplified control and drive system inside the upper casing. PLC management with IP communication (optional). Reader support for the installation of any type of access control (badge readers, intercom, ...) on each side. Red/green light on each side. Resistance heating.
Compatible optional equipment Technical descriptions
Sleeving cover for turnstile Protective sleeving for greater user comfort.
An option for painted rotors, ensuring the painted finish lasts longer.
Black 65° shore high density sleeving: its material is soft to the touch and ensures a comfortable grip on the arm of the turnstile.
Triple-layered for maximum comfort. Quick and easy to install.
Can be used indoors and outdoors: resistant to extreme weather conditions:
- temperature fluctuations of between - 60 °C to + 230 °C,
- complies with flammability standards (FAR 25/JAR 25/CS 25).
Passage reducer Prevents more than one person from passing through the turnstile at once.