Reliable, Economic tyre killer

Lenght up to 4,5 m

Spécifications :  Caractéristiques techniques
Structure : Sheet metal 6 mm thickness in galvanized steel
Treadplate 8 mm thickness galvanized and painted
Spikes shaft in 304 stainless steel painted for better resistance to corrosion, reinforced by internal alveolar structure
Motorization: Reversible electric motor allowing to lock hight position
Holds in high position in case of power failure
Assembling motorization on the right or left side of the passage way
Command: Management by PLC
Lifting and lowering speed adjustable by frequency converter from 0.6 to 2 seconds
Acceleration and deceleration ramps in order to increase lifetime
Coordinated management between tyre killer and barrier
Dimensions: Tyre killer heigth : 60mm
Tyre killer length : 1.5 up to 4.5m
LModules of 1m50 or 1m, connected to the motorization and between them by gimbals allowing to correct civil engineering defects
Spike: Heigth : 118mm
Spacing between spikes : 125mm
1m50 module equipped with 12 spikes, 1m module equipped with 8 spikes
Pedestrian protection by red protective cap
Optional equipment: Additional modules of 1m or 1m50
Technical totem
Traffic lights
Free exit in case of power failure by compression spring
Heating cords for cold environment up to -40 °C
Custom RAL paint colors available
Fire brigade access control
CAccess control : radio transmitter, card readers, numeric keyboard, etc