LBA Miss Hyde


La Barrière Automatique offers, thanks to its exclusive patent, the first range of non-anxiety safety bollards in the world.


The current security environment forces cities, public authorities and sites to guard against potential terrorist attacks. Unfortunately, standard equipment, with a rudimentary aesthetic, reinforces the feeling of insecurity.

Starting from a fixed security bollard, we have developed, in partnership with the architecture firm SANAE, a cover allowing to keep all the bollard security properties (resistance crashtest a car at 50 km / h), while adapting a clever design.

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This shell makes the bollard both useful and multi-purpose and removes the anxiety effect of anti-terrorist products by hiding the bollard inside.

These bollards can take many forms, in order to best adapt to the architectural challenges of the projects.

Finally, the material that composes these skins is recognized and tested as a depolluting agent, antibacterial, self-cleaning and allowing the elimination of chemicals.